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Herpes risk? Please help

OK,  i've posted here before when I've been going out of my mind with worry and very thankfully my kind has been put at ease.
I've started panicking again and wondered if someone would be kind enough to help?
I've had several sessions of mutual masturbstion over the years with other males. I have never really worked out why, a I don't find men attractive.
I've been told there is basically zero risk of anything.
I have started getting a burning sensation behind my lips and my upper right lip has started tingling. It also nipped like mad when dabbed with alcohol.
Is there a possiblity this could be herpes? I did taste my own evacuate around 2 months ago but have never had any blisters around the genteel or mouth area.
I was securely screened just over a year ago and all clear. This didn't include herpes though.
I've also has a really sore throat for around 3 weeks, which has gotten better now.
Thanks in advance.
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Feeling really stressed about this,so would really appreciate if someone could answer.
Thank you so much,
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Mutual masturbation is zero risk for herpes or any other std. And reading the your past posts and replies your concern has been fully explained. So since our replies are not adding any help i would suggest taking a herpes test to rest your mind.
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