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Herpes symptoms possibility ?

Hi had protected sex with a girl random girl I met 14 days ago , the only thing I have noticed is 3 pink lesions  very small but sprayed for apart on my penile shaft they do not hurt or itch of any kind they have been there for about 5 days and have not changed in size I was wondering and my Anxiety is getting the best of me could this be herpes ?
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1) Unlikely u get hsv from protected sex.
2) i have no idea how the lesion look like, go see a doctor. Can get a hsv test at the appropriate period if you want
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I also had oral protected sex with the same person but the condom ripped and we stopped immediately after , if I were to be herpes would the sores hurt and itch my bumb is painless and does not have fluid or any sort just pink fleshy looking ?
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1) it is still a low risk because herpes can only spread if there is sore in the mouth, which you dont know whether there is
2) usually genital will present with pain and have a bloster like lesion. But sometimes in can be asymptomatic.
3) you should go see a doctor.
If you are worried about herpes, then go get a hsv test
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