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Hiv negative 1 month

I am I male and 25 years old. I had sex with a condom with a female. 1 month after I had flu like symptoms and sore throat and a temprature and soon after a herpes break out on my lips And 2 months after I developed itching all over body with no rash all day every day. Month 3 I have developed painful lumps in both sides of my neck and under my jaw and herpes break out again on lips. By the way throughout these 3 months I have been stressed
Out about this situation which may have some effect on my symptoms.

My questions are-

1. Can vaginal fluid survive outside the body as there was on my lower stomach and the condom. Also when condom was removed I cleaned my penis with a wet wipe and vaginal fluid may have touched my penis.

2. I tested negative at one month a week before that I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend , if I was infected would she be infected too?

3. Can anxiety and stress cause these symptoms such as swollen glands.

Thanks for your help
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You had no HIV risk.  Hiv is a fragile virus and does not survive well or infect outside of the body.  U dont state what test u performed, hiv duo/combo test is reported to detect some 99% of all infections at 4 weeks.A regular antibody test which only looks for antibodies is less sensitive as not all people have detectable antibodies at 4 weeks.

3 months is considered gold standard for testing and conclusive results.  As you never really had a risk for HIV its up to you if you want to retest for your own piece of mind.

Do you know if you had HSV1 prior to this encounter, certainly anxiety and associated lack of sleep from it can cause other symptoms - ie generaly being run down.  But in all this you need to look at the individual exposure.  1 time proected vaginal intercouse, to make you feel better the estimated risk per episode of hiv transmission in unprotected sex is estimated to be 1-1000.  Since Hiv cannot penetrate a latex condom that risk is eliminated.  In addition to all this you dont know your partner was HIV positive.  In simple terms:

You dont know your partner was hiv+
Unprotected risk is 1 in a 1000
This was protected so no risk at all
Negative results out to 4 weeks is very encouraging (assuming u had a risk and you didnt), Possibly almost definite depending what test you took.  

Get a  6 week std screen done for syphilis, clamydia, gonorreah and hiv
you can expect negative results but it will give you the peace of mind that your girlfriend is not at risk
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Just to clarify - when I say HIV does not effect outside of the body I refer to sexual transmission.  Sharing needles etc would pose a significant risk of transmission outside the body.
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Thanks for the reply.

I had 4 blood samples taken at a local gum nhs clinic I was told one was to check if I had hiv. They all came back negative. A swab of mouth and penis was also taken.
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4 lots of blood?  I have been to gum clinics in England and usually only 1 sample is taken.  sounds like swab was for gonorreah and calmydia which is standard.  Blood is taken for HIV and Syphilis - depending on your location (health service) the tests will be either 3rd or 4th gen for hiv.

Syphilis test would be conclusive at 6 weeks but this is very rare.

Given all above you can see your risks of having an sti  are virtually none existent.
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