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Please what does an hiv patient go through within 4 years do any symptoms show up, I heard of first week if infected mostly people get bad flue but aside that do they see any signs within some few years
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Did you have been tested for STD? What has been your risk?

Nope, if you get HIV infected. The possible so called sero-conversion flu starts around 2 weeks after infection latest within 6 weeks. around 30% doesn't notice the possible symptoms as they feel/are in most cases like many other diseases etc. but still a big part will go to the doctor as they also have the typical rash etc. This conversion flu is around 1 week but in many cases more serious than with a normal cold enlarged lymph nodes (general, spread over the body(armpit, groins, neck, behind ear) but sometimes only during the conversion on one spot. Then it will be latent and you won't notice anything (some people progress quick so they will notice within one or two years). From what I understood you could once in a while get generalized enlarged lymph nodes which don't hurt.) In the progressed stadium there will be many oppurtunistic diseases which could indicate a coming or running AIDS stadium. (examples: leukoplakia, TBC, pneumonia and sometimes starts with hard to get rid of yeast infections)

But additionally, the symptoms and later diseases are quite common also without HIV/AIDS so please don't take these as an indication. Only a test will show if you have HIV or not.
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