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Hole in condom during oral sex

Hey everyone, so about 4 weeks ago I had protected oral sex. After I had ejaculated I realized there was a hole in the tip of the condom where my urethra is located. The hole was about the size of a very small pea. The second I realized there was a hole in the condom I immediately started to think the worst. "Do I have herpes?" "Is it possible I received HIV or another life altering STD/STI?" About 3 weeks later I had a small bubble appear where the head of my penis meets the shaft. This worried me, and I believed it was herpes. Only thing that kept me optimistic was that it was located in a different area then where the hole was. I went to the doctor immediately and he eased my mind saying it didn't look like herpes since I had had it for 10 days and it had not changed in shape, color or pain. By the way, the blister was the same color as my skin (maybe a little whiter) no pain, no redness, and so far it has not opened. At the doctor they took 3 blood samples for herpes and the various hepatitis'. The next day I started feeling nauseous, pain in my lower stomach/bladder and also a tingling in my penis with semi sensitive testicles. This is where my anxiety spiked and I started to think the absolute worse. Is it possible to get a "life changing" STD from this type of experience? Please help!

"life changing STD" - anything that can not be cured.
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The odds of any std including hsv (which with what you describe and time frame is not herpes) is basically zero. You can relax. You absolutely did not get hsv from this exposure. Hiv no chance. I wouldn't even recommend testing after this encounter
My urethra burns and there is still a bump (looks like a pimple) on the underside of my scrotum.
Tingling in penis head/inside urethra. Stomach pains and lack of hunger. Tingling doesn't really happen during urination. And it isn't immediately after urination. The tingling is randomly theoughout the day. Sometimes unbearable, any thoughts?
You can get a simple urine test for bacterial std's. Past that i stand by what i said earlier. Your symptoms are right in line with every other guy who has anxiety over the encounter.
Thank you feelingundone, I never really thought about anxiety being a factor. But the mind is a powerful thing, so I guess if I thought hard enough about it, I would eventually start to "feel" whatever symptom I think. Thank you again, I will go take a urine sample.
Fellingundone: is there anyway I could send you a picture of the pimple like spot so you could tell me if I should be worried or not?
We don't look at pics but i will tell you based on description alone that it's not herpes related. Or any std from this exposure.
Okay, I appreciate you taking your time to ease my mind. It has helped and will let you know once I get my results back what it is. Thank you again for being there for me, you are a great person and the world needs more people like you.
I apologize for the continuous messaging, but do you think it could be a possibility that I have a form of chlamydia? I have been doing some research and saw that it is possible to have a small pimple like abrasion while having chlamydia. I have had chlamydia before and the burning in my urethra feels very similar to that. Also I had a little bit of a white substance around my urethra hole the other day, making me think it could be chlamydia. Any thoughts?
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So my test results came back, and I also found out that my encounter was 6 weeks ago. The blood test came back negative for Syphillis and Herpes virus 1&2. My question is: How accurate is a blood test that is done at 6 weeks for the herpes antibodies? I have read about 80% and also have read as little as 10%. I have not taken the urine test, which I will be taking tomorrow at the doctor.
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