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Homosexuality and STDs

Due to the recent political activity in the area of Gay Rights, a new flood of opinions from the full spectrum of enthusiast from both sides have been displayed in almost all forms of media about homosexuality and the spread of STDs.

As I understand it, anal intercourse is more likely to spread disease than traditional intercourse, but does "anal sex" between two men spread more disease than the same form of intercourse in a heterosexual relationship?  

Also, the common debate seems to include little about women in homosexual relationships and STD risk. Are two women in a sexual relationship at any more risk then other gender couplings?

Thank you for your time!
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Your 1st question is difficult to answer because most hetro's do not have just anal sex, well most don't have anal sex at all. So it is difficult to try to make a guess or theory. But anal sex is easier to spread STD's and things like HIV and syphilis is more prevelant in the gay community then straight community so you hear more about it in the gay communities.

2 women are at a very low risk for STD's that is why you don't hear much about that.

Doesn't matter straight or gay this forum recommends the use of condoms and it will always be that way.
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Through experience,  All people of all walks of life have STDs, Stds in the gay community were more prevalent than those of herteosexual counterparts. i dont know exactly why but here in new york, Homosexuals were 20 times more likely to walk in with a STD than a heterosexual. I am not here to debate this but this was known through studies that was used here in NYC.
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