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How accurate are sti tests

I received unprotected oral (fellatio) at the end of March. Very much a one off experience. Have been 100% with my partner other than that time. I took Azythromycin as a precaution 3 days after. I was tested for sti’s on 4th April and then again on 19th April. Symptoms were mildly wet tip of penis and need to urinate more and some stinging internally around pelvic area and sometime urethra. Tests all negative and included urine tests and penile swab. Still had symptoms and went to gp on 5th May for another test. That again came back negative. Gp seems stumped and doesn’t think it’s prostattitis. Going back to see gp this week and ask for more tests as still getting symptoms. These are more stinging around genital and pelvic area. Stings are definitely internal like around my bladder or like that area.
Questions is how accurate are the sti tests in UK? Did the pills I took make first two tests void?
Would chlamydia give these stinging internal symptoms around pelvis?
Symptoms have been on and off faience March but have been constant for last 3 weeks and no signs of letting up.
Everyone says it can’t be chlamydia. I’m confident it’s not gonnorea as would have pain urinating with puss like discharge. I don’t have any pain when urinating or ejaculating. Sex feels fine. Tests all fine but can’t get my head away from potential from chlamydia.
Would someone with medical expertise please help me and give me some hope of what could be wrong. Ruining my life at the moment as every moment of the day I’m thinking about it and what it could be.
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Hi Chlamydia is not know to be passed from oral sex and since you dont have any puss discharge, it would indicate you dont have any urethra infecion.
Most info on web states discharge can be watery and clear. Is that unlikely.
Also sources like CDC and NHS state chlamydia can be contracted via fellatio. Are they just being over cautious ?
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