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How common is it to get epididymitis from syphilis?

How common is it to get epididymitis from syphilis? I have been having off and on sensitivity for the last two months accompanied by tightness in pelvis, thigh, and groin. I have been tested for gono, chlam, and hiv, all negative. Also 4 days after last sexual exposure(june) i was given 1g zithro and 250 g ceftra. Was not tested for syphilis, never saw a chancre, and never noticed a rash- could this be a possibility?
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It's not common due to how syph enters the body. It can happen but chlamydia and gono are far more common.
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I agree. Also, what you are feeling doesn't sound like epididymitis.



"Signs and symptoms of epididymitis might include:

    A swollen, red or warm scrotum
    Testicle pain and tenderness, usually on one side, that usually comes on gradually
    Painful urination or an urgent or frequent need to urinate
    Discharge from the penis
    Pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen or pelvic area
    Blood in the semen
    Less commonly, fever"

What do you mean by "sensitivity"? What is sensitive - your penis, your testicles, something else?

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Thanks for your answer! I mean my right testicle is tender, i do have discomfort in the pelvic area so that seems to be symptomatic.
Do you know what stage of syphilis  epididymitis is associated with? O can really only find reports of it happening in the tertiary stage, nothing about it being in secondary or so on. Thanks!
It really isn't associated with epididymitis. If you're concerned about syphilis, you can easily find out if you have it with a simple blood test.

Have you seen your doctor for this? If you think you have epididymitis, you need to be seen. It's important to get it treated if you have it. You can get a syphilis test while you're there.

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