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How could I be Positive?

Okay the story goes as follows.
Feb 14 I went for my annual testing. Results= all negative.
Between Feb 14 - May 14 ( my next test) I had full sexual contact with 5 friends with benefits between those 3 months.
My May 14th test  came back positive for chlamydia in Urine. Never happened before.
So I notified the people I had sexual contact with, to go get tested etc.
They all did. They all took antibiotics, as thats the standard before results are given, if a partner tested positive for an STD.
They all contacted me back eventually, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM tested Negative for Chlamydia.  
4 out of the 5 I believed would be negative, as I used protection during sex. But one never knows.

What mystifies me is the day I had my last sexual contact, earlier in the day I woke up after falling asleep without turning the heater on the night before during a cold weather spell earlier in May around here. So I woke up feeling like I was coming down with a cold. That a cold is coming on feeling. Stuffy nose. Slightly runny. That same day I had sex with a long time friend WITH NO CONDOM, I came inside them. No protection. Nothing.

The next day that cold that I was coming down with came in full force, sneezing, stuffy, runny nose.  It passed after 4 days. I hadn't got a cold like that for a long long time. I dont normally get colds.   3 days after feeling better it was my annual testing time, so 7 days after my last sexual contact without a condom... And the test results came back positive for chlamydia in my urine as mentioned.

I for sure thought that this is where I got it, or at least passed it on. I mean no condo, I for sure thought I gave it to them....  It was as a long time friend who only has sexual contact with me every few weeks, I never had issues before... But when they got their results after all the worry, and drama going on inside my head and guilt after thinking I may have infected them.. THEY WERE NEGATIVE. All stds negative.

I have read chlamydia can be dormant... But if its bacteria, either you have it, or you dont.  So I'm confused. If my Feb test was negative, maybe it was false negative... Then why wasnt the person I had sex with in Feb after testing positive? It was protected, but there was grinding, slight dipping etc.

Every single person, was negative, even the person I was with WITHOUT A CONDOM, 1 week prior to testing, came back negative? It mystifies me? It seems like I wasnt contagious, UNTIL after I had a full blown cold. And if I was to have had sex with someone after my cold, they could have been infected?

Whats done is done.. I got treatment. As did the people I was with. But it still baffles me, how someone, can have 5 sexual partners that all test Negative, even the 1 partner where no condom was used 7 days prior to being tested? How?
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Are you a man or a woman? I am assuming a man being that you stated that you came inside one of your partners. The symptoms of Chlamydia are usually silent in women but not men. You said that your partners took antibiotics before tests were given? The antibiotics killed the bacteria before they could have tested positive or perhaps one of your buddies had it and got it cured without telling you
I 'm a man.  I had no symptoms. No, my partners went to get tested *after*  I notified them. They were tested, and before they received results 1 week later, they had the option of getting treatment before they received their results as they were in contact with someone who tested positive. Its protocol.  They didnt take antibiotics before testing.  lol.  

The time line works like this for me...  if I already had Chlamydia, from the previous people I was with in Feb-March- if they had it, but got treated and didnt tell me, in that scenario-   then the final person I had sexual contact with WITH NO CONDOM, FINISHING INSIDE OF THEM, TRANSFERRING MY FLUID INTO THEM, they would have been 100% percent infected at least by me, or given it to me. They tested NEG. Emailed the results to me of their tests as I was so confused. All negative. With proof. Showing it to me.

I have read - Chlamydia can lie dormant in the body for many years causing a low grade infection without symptoms. It could potentially flare up to cause a symptomatic infection, especially if there is an alteration in the persons immune system, such as a severe cold or flu,other severe illness.

So it's confounding to me. The day I had my final sexual encounter without a condom, I felt like I was coming down with a cold. The weekend after, the full cold hit, sneezing, runny nose... then tested and positive for chlamydia.... No other partners tested positive for it. My final partner 7 days earlier, with no condom, wasn't infected, or positive of any std....

Ok that clears things up that you are man. Also, most STDs do not spread to people during every sexual contact. Could it be your test were wrong? Was it a urine test
Thanks. I understand that. :) Which is why I thought all the previous people I had sex with in the earlier months, the sex was protected, and I didn't believe they would catch anything or pass it on. But I for sure thought my final sexual contact without any condom would have been where I was infected, or as mentioned, or  at least passed it on to them. But maybe one round wasnt enough to infect someone? I dunno.  Went to a renowned clinic in my city... urine test, blood test, throat swab, tested for all the STD's.   Maybe the test was wrong. Which is why I asked about Chlamydia being dormant somehow, and then after my cold,  it shows up in my urine. Where as my last sexual contact was a day before the cold hit full force... then 7 days later I tested positive for it in my urine. Can colds somehow make a chlamydia test positive? lol I doubt it. I mean I researched a sneezing, runny nose isnt a symptom of chlamydia.  I'm going back next Tuesday to re test to make sure it's gone, and I will ask them about this. Like I said whats done is done. It just makes me so utterly confused...
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