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How easy can i spread hpv to different parts of myself

I was diagnosed with hpv before every once in a while i have a little skin tag pop up. I Dont do butt stuff but today i urinated and then checked myself for hemrroids while in the shower. Do I run the risk of infecting my anus and if so what are the chances?
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Where is the skin tag?  I'm not sure what you are suggesting.  You probably did your 'butt stuff' with your hand?  You think you have hpv of the hand?  When were you diagnosed with hpv?  That's a very common thing to have and usually gets better on it's own.  Theoretically, you can transfer hpv from one place on your body to another.  But this is doubtful.  
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I'm also confused by your question.

Skin tags are not HPV - they are very different.

There are 100s of different strains of HPV. The kinds that affect the genitals don't affect other parts of the body, and vice versa. If you have a wart on your hand, and you touch your anus, you won't give yourself anal warts.

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