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How long can symptoms persist after finishing treatment?

In December I tested positive for chlamydia. I was treated with 1g zithromax and my symptoms passes and i felt fine until I was with my boyfriend again. I did not know he took the medication wrong, he split them into 2 doses on 2 days rather than all at once. So we both retook zithromax and waited the 7 days. This worked for me and my discharge cleared. But again, after being together I started having discharge again. This time we took doxycycline 100mg twice a day for 7 days. I was very strict about it and made sure we both took the medication correctly. We finished the medication yesterday, and have not been together because I am still having discharge. Im worried that we have resistance to the medications. Or, can you still have discharge for a few days after finishing doxycycline?

Im also reading conflicting things about when you can be retested. Am i correct that after 2 weeks you can have the point of cure test done and after 6 weeks you can be retested for it with a normal test? I dont really want to wait 3 months to be retested
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Have they tested you for other things, like bacterial vaginosis and yeast, to make sure that isn't causing some of your symptoms?

You should wait at least 3 weeks to have a test of cure done. This is because being on antibiotics can cause a false negative, and you need at least 3 weeks to make sure that your results are accurate.

Do you know how chlamydia entered your relationship? Is it something that was brought into your relationship from a prior partner either one of you had? Is it possible that your bf has another partner and is being reinfected? I don't know your bf, and don't want to cause problems in your relationship where there are none, but I'm just trying to help you figure out why this is happening.

Has he had a test of cure? If you're being cured, but he isn't, it makes no difference that you are, because you're going to be reinfected again.

If you have sex again with your bf, I'd strongly suggest using condoms until you figure this out. I hope you do. It has to be pretty miserable. :(
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Oh and I didn't really answer your question - symptoms can persist after finishing the meds, but it shouldn't persist longer than a few days. You should see a marked improvement now from before you started the meds.
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