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How to know if you may have an STD?

I am female, 22 and for the past month I've had a chunky white discharge that smells kind of yeasty/bloody but no blood. Today I was tested for bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection, both came up negative. The doctor gave me the pill for yeast infection in case it was a false negative and said in a week maybe get STD tested. I've also been experiencing itching in the anal area, bloating every day, and diahera/constapation. The odor is quite strong, making me wear a pad to help a little from sitting down at work.
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Hi, a chunky white discharge is surly a sign of a yeast infection not an std. Most std show symptoms from your uretha no so much in the vaginal area. However a green vaginal discharge could be associated with Trich which is a parasite.
Lately I've actually been wondering if it is a parasite? Nothing's been sitting easy in my stomach and I've lost my appetite but still feel bloated even after not eating. A few times I've noticed a little green/yellow tint discharge but for the most part it is white.
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