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Hpv and Using washing machine

I’m a 26 years old gay man, and I have genital warts (hpv) on my penis, i don’t know if only i have the hpv type that cause warts only or i have also different types.

I use my washing machine and cloths dryer while i still have the warts, i’m now about to move out my current city, and selling my furniture and house machines.

My question: is it okay to sell my washing machine and cloth dryer? Will the buyer get infected by hpv if he washed his clothes with the machine and used the dryer?

Is it ok or not, because i would feel guilty about it and i do not want to infect anyone, or have dirty money if i sell it
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1) It is very unlikely for hpv to be transmitted via washing machine.
2) virus has to get into skin of another person via cuts or any other opening
3) the virus is likely to be degraded after some time
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It’s great you have such concern for others, but rest assured you can sell the items in question with zero fear of passing along HPV.
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So i can sell it with relief conscience ؟
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