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Ok, I’ve posted on her a few times you can probably look at my original post, have had conversation with other members and Aunt Jessie and appreciate the input. A little back history, 2 years ago had sexual encounter (oral and vaginal unprotected) ever since have had multiple problems, fatigue, burning penis, burning testicles, burning/tingling feet and some other issues, been tested for all std’s, all negative, have had a slice got RSD on neck ever since, well recently developed skin tag/warts on knuckle some on neck, went to dermatologist and he agreed was probably some form of hpv. So could this be what has been causing my issues? I have been checked by dermatologist, urologist, gp, naturopathic, neurologists. I went through the initial anxiety and got through that but definitely still having issues and definitely from that encounter, never had any problems before then. Any insight is appreciated.
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*slight rash on neck
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RSD? Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy? Oh is that where you meant the slight rash on your neck?

So there are 100s of strains of HPV. Some affect the hands, or the feet (like plantar warts), or other parts of your body. The sexually transmitted strains only affect your genitals, and wouldn't cause a wart on your hand. That's not what would be causing all of these issues.

As I've said before, there is no STD that would be causing all these problems. No STD causes a rash on your neck, tingling feet, etc.

Have you had allergy testing done? Perhaps you are eating something or using something that is causing these symptoms. Have you had your home tested for mold? Lead paint? Start thinking of environmental causes, too.

It could also be multiple causes - an allergy and something like an anal fissure, for example.

You've tested negative for all STDs. It's not an STD that is causing this. It might be easier than an allergy or something else if it were, but all your testing says it isn't an STD. For your own sake, it's time to move beyond an STD as the cause. You don't want to keep your scope too narrow and miss something that it really is.

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