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Husband infected?

Okay, I know I should once and for all get over my Syphilis infection, I've posted various questions about it before, however it's seems I'll never be able to put it behind. I was treated for Syphilis last summer, my doctor said I was cured even if tests still came out positive, since most patients treated for the disease still show positive for life, and told me I was no longer contagious. I got back with my husband a couple of months later, he got tested, we both got tested for HIV (I came out negative 6 months after my last sexual contact). Our sexual life has been monogamous  ever since and we have had no signs or symptoms of any STD infection.

HOWEVER, four days ago my husband noticed a small bump on the shaft of his penis, right at the base, above his testicles. It is a small ball, smaller than a pea, you can tell only by touching it. On the outside it looks like a big pimple, just a pinkish bump, sort of like a small cyst. The doctor told him it was nothing to worry about and gave him some atibiotics. THOUGH he told him that if it didn't go away in 5 to 10 days he should get tested for, you guessed it... SYPHILIS!

When we got tested I told him I was clear, I never told him I had gone through syphilis treatment, since we were in a delicate state of our relationship. We are both faithful, he has NEVER cheated on me no matter how bad things were between us.

I'm just anxious and can barely sleep, I don't know if I can wait so many days to be certain I didn't give it to him. could I have infected him after so long? We had unprotected sex two months after I had undergone treatment, my dr said it was ok. This was on June the 14th 2011, could he show signs of infection so long after we did it? Should I still worry? Should he switch doctors? I'm sorry, I'm just a woman in love who can't get over her past. Embarassed of it and worried it can ruin not only her future, but also her beautiful present.

Please HELP!
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I'm sorry, my husband and I got back last summer, I got treated for syphilis in april 2011, and as I said, we had sex on mid june.
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Syphilis is only trnsmitted when you have the syphilis canker. I see no reason this to be syphilis.
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