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I Have a pimple on my penis, could it be an STD?

Ok, so a couple of days ago i noticed a red pimple like thing in penis shaft. Since then it had become a little bit bigger, but yesterday i applied the cream i use for my face pimples, today it kinda got smaller and softer but it now has something black inside of it, i assume it might be blood or an ingrown hair?
My last sexual relationship was almost a year ago and i never got symptoms for an STD.
Before the bump grew i masturbated a lot, maybe like once or twice a day for two or three weeks.
I shave my penis from time to time, but i use a shaving machine.
Can someone please give me their opinion on this? i'm kinda freaked out.
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Hi if you not had intercourse for a year rule std out , could be what you have said or you been to rough with yourself , take care ,
Thanks, yesterday i was taking a shower and it kind of opened itself a little bit so i popped it, now it's way smaller and it's disappearing. It popped like an ingrown hair, except it had no hair inside of it.
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