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I Need Help

I'm 20 years old...I am a female....It hurts really bad when I get horny.  I've recently had a small yet deep hole on the right side of my urethral opening and i don't know if that has anything to do with it.

I was told that it could have be a second vagina, cancerous, and/or i might NOT be able to have children. (Doctors don't have an answer for it)

I no longer have the hole but i still have the pains around that area (RIGHT SIDE) when i have sex. Also when i get horny I still hurt. ='-(

Someone Please Help.... I Need Answers Quick???
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I'm sorry to hear of this problem, and I have glanced at your threads on other forums, including female health. Unfortunately, this forum really can't help. No STD is a likely cause of symptoms like this, and STDs are the only topic of this forum. However, if you have been sexually active but haven't been examined and tested for STDs since this problem started, that's something you should do, if only to be sure no STD is responsible for your symptoms.

I'm also sorry you have had trouble getting the kind of sensitive care and advice you need and deserve. Keep trying! A local planned parenthood clinic might help. Or find a pediatrician who specializes in teen health; she should be able to help, or refer you to a sexual health expert. There also are some excellent online resources; you could start with the American Sexual Health Association (www.ashasexualhealth.org).

Good luck!
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Yes, I've been to doctors plenty of times and they test me for STD's and it always comes back negative. But I've been to the doctor plenty of times about my pains and they have the tools to see whats going on down there. One day I asked my significant other to take a look and he actually found the hole. So I had him take pictures and went back to the doctor and showed them what they kept bypassing. I always just feel like they overlook things. I appreciate your help and response. If you hear anything else or know anything else about my condition please keep me updated.
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