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I am scared of having an STD

So i had unprotected sex with a man , "stupid me!", and about a week or so after contact i noticed an earache and this led to small bumps in my ear and led to an infection in the throat. my tonsils to be exact, i got tested on day 8 for chlamydia and gonorrhea  and negative, then day 10 from sexual contact i got tested for HIV and negative. i just figured since i had swollen tonsils that something would have shown up?? and nothing,. now its a whole month and a half later and i noticed my swollen tonsils, red in the back of throat, bumps on back of tongue, dark blue bein under tongue with fluid filled looking bumps . come and go, throat isnt really in pain. im just scared. idk anymore. im constantly researching information and scaring myself. ive had two dreams of having hiv. so idk if thats a sign?
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Did you give him oral sex?
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yes :(..
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Well throat issues might be a sign, but most of the time it has no symptoms. But if he did have a STD like gonorrhea or chlamydia then you would have most likely gotten it from vaginal sex. I would not be concerned about a oral STD.
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