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I feel alone and scared

So i went out with some friends one night and got real drunk and blacked out i had no idea what happened. Anyway they left me with one of there friends that lives close by the bar there that i knew as well because i was feeling sick. So the only thing i remember was waking up to him giving me oral and didn't realize it was him. I was so drunk still i snapped and i quickly got up falling on stuff trying to gain couscous and grabbed my stuff and left.

So I have no idea really how long he did it for. I was so mad at myself to getting that drunk. Or that a guy did this to me.  I'm not even gay or knew he was gay. Anyway what's worse is I have a fiancé that's pregnant pregnant and so happily in love with her this really breaks my heart. And now  l feel like I cheated and don't know how to react with what happen.

So after the night i started to feel my penis head burning and sometimes my genital and sometimes my anus i got tested a week after for a full std sti panel. They took my blood and urine test and came back negative. No discharge or pain when peeing and my doc said my penis looked fine. I know a week is not enough but I'm going back for another test soon. My pain comes and goes I start feeling like pain all around my genitals and sometimes feel like blue balls and or one ball in general. But than it all goes away. I feel it could be my anxiety making it worse but i don't know.

I'm still worried to death because I have the same pains on my penis head and sometimes genital and anus. I'm so scared and terrified my anxiety is going of the walls because of what happen. I want to get tested again and make sure. I don't want to infect my fiancé and baby I feel like my life is over.
Please help
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Hi, really nothing to be overly concerned about. The bigger risk would be herpes if he had a lip sore at the time, but most with an active herpes lip sore would not be giving someone oral sex as would be to painful.
I think it would be best to abstain from unprotected sex with your pregnant girl untill test results come back. Test in 3 month for conclusive.
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Thank you so much for the reply. I will do!
any idea why I have this pain still lingering?
thank you
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Could be anxiety related, or maybe your causing it by constant checking or even an injury for the act itself.
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Thats what i feel it could be. So much reading on the forums sometimes i feel like i have the same pains and end up feeing em. I know 3 months is the most well known time but can anything be detected with in a week exposure?
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8 weeks would be a good indicator
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