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I got Urethritis. Did my wife cheat?

A few months ago I developed symptoms that were later identified as nongono Urethritis.  I had not been with anyone other than my wife sexually, and was therefore extremely concerned that my wife might have been messing around... (I have no specific suspicion and do trust her but in my wife's job it is conceivable that she might have had a one-nighter without me being aware of it.)  I presented my concerns to her prior to going to the doctor and she steadfastly denied that as a possibility.  Then the doctor told me it wasn't necessarily sexually transmitted so I backed off with my concern.

I did however start reading more on the subject and have determined that maybe I let her off the hook too easily.  Couple of thoughts..  

1. We've been married over 10 years and this is the only time I have ever had these symptoms.  Seems that if this is something you can get non-sexually it would manifest itself more than once.  
2. Secondly, is it possible that I got it from my wife through sex, but that it doesn't necessarily mean it is a result from her having sex with someone else? (hope that question makes sense.)  
3. Am I dealing with a situation where it is "conceivable" that she wasn't messing around but the realistic probabilities are greatly leaning that direction?  In other words do guys like me realistically get urethritis from our wives without our wives messing around?  I'm not familiar with anyone else who has dealt with this but maybe it's just something people don't want to talk about...
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Hi there -

1 - Not necessarily.  You could get this from normal mouth bacteria entering your urethra from oral sex.  If she had a cold or a virus, or strep, and gave you oral, you can get that in your urethra.

2 - Also possible.  There are lots of bacteria - both naturally occurring and sexually transmitted - that cause NGU, and its possible you just got something from her that irritated your urethra.

3 - No.  NGU alone is not even close to a reason to suspect infidelity.

Other causes of NGU - prostate infection or inflammation, urinary tract infections, strictures of the urethra, etc.  

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thanks that is helpful.  i think i'll calm down again about it.  
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