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I got something

What STD can you get from my penis rubbing anus but not going in? 2 days later I got a brite red rash on one side of penis head it turned into a pimple with a white pin size dot in center and was gone In 2 days.
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if your rash is gone, not too much you can do. should it come back, be seen and get it looked at promptly.

you can get std's from naked skin on skin contact but the risk of such is low. your symptoms do not sound std related.

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Hey grace thanks ! Theres  more going on with  me and it's not good I had all the ars Symtons had neg HIV test herpes  and hep at 7 weeks still not feeling right. Going back to doctor at id care here in new jersey ,by the way i was up iyour way sunday by easton ,in 2 weeks for HIV test at 17 weeks.
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why would you get full std testing from this encounter?

if you have too much money and like to throw it away, send some my way!!
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Hey I'll send you money for dinner for 2 if you can help me out. I did have sex with this 55 year old woman with a condom but did have wet Vag fluids. On my hands I put the condom on insideout and hand to take it off Amd put it back on.I found out from a friend she told him she had herpes and I did see a large wart looking thing on her back and something on her Brest. 5 day later I had sex with my wife condom on fast and clean.2 nights after that I had a night sweat run into ear 2 days after that I was itching all over and found a groing rash on one side went on to my leg and burned.about 5 days later my wife said she had a night sweat run down into  her ears.ok here we go now the next weeks I have red rash on sides of neck with pimples and red around my lips and nose with big pimple next to nose and more pimples upper arm and skin breaking out. Node in neck real big one side you can see it when I turn my head and my balls hurt if you press on them.ok back to wife she not feeling well and has a cough and purple stops in eye leg thigh.ok now I'm shiting and why we are on it I did have 1 or 2 pale stools loss and little diaria pain to this day put not as bad in my arm with bad twitching and burning mouth.now it gets better my 14 year old son has it and no not the dog too! How you may ask ,toothbrush yes he had red around his eyes and said sun light hurts his eyes and I saw his eyes and I saw pimple like rash on one should and bottom lip.ok back to me at week 11 I had 1 foot rash like red spots I got pic and 1 arm red spots 5 of them that turned into bumps no itch were gone in a week.
Now the wife got bad pain in her left side ribs for days and she looks like ****.therewas one night we went out to eat and got home we had to all go to the bathroom I know I had pain and it's not the food. Well that's most of it so what to you have to say? I'll let you know when I find out I did go to 2 doctors 1 at 17 days and 7 weeks HIV and hep and herpes and 11 weeks did a liver blood test they did not call me so all is good. Like I said he wants me back at my 17 week mark to do HIV blood test and more? Can you help any someting you think. I think it's going
From mouth to mouth me and my wife gums bleed you can see it on the toothbrush alot in the sink my wife puts her brush on my sons brush I saw
Blood from one brush to my sons I give her he'll for it but not helping.o my son started with a pimple on tongue and saw inside cheek.hard to find help I got a young doctor at ID care here in Nj it's like let's wait and see what comes up. There is something going on what?
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odds are this isn't std related. there isn't any std that you will spread to everyone, including the dog.

you all should continue following up with your providers as needed.

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Well grace we will see and I will let you know. Oct. 24 I go back . Thanks for your time
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Hey I got my 17 week HIV neg.
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