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I had protected oral sex

I had protected oral sex with a sex worker last week.. Haven't had any symptoms but now im worried i might get an STD from this. Please help.. Im married and my wife's breastfeeding
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Hi the protected oral is zero risk and the protected vaginal is low risk for syphilis, herpes and HPV. i doubt you contracted anything but for your wifes protection test for these at the correct window period.
syphilis---6 weeks
herpes---3 months
HPV---no test for men for this really not that common.
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What if i do not get any symptoms during that period... Do i still need to be tested
I just noticed that you only had protected oral and if you did not have protected vaginal you had zero risk and dont need any testing.
Thank you for the quick reply.. I have been stressed out about this.. Furthermore no need to worry about HIV?
if you only had protected oral you dont need any testing for any std,s period
Thank you for your swift reply
with protected oral its zero risk for all std,s period.
Life 360_ Dave herpes can transmit by skin contact.Possibility hsv is more.In my views test is needed for hsv.
Please clarify now im confused
When should i test for this
It was only a protected oral and unprotected handjob.. And the girl said she was clean and that she gets tested every month
If you have skin contact or kissing activities , you should wait atleast 6 weeks.Further if negative good sign and then do at 3 months for accurate results.
May be you safe ,but low risk .Testing will be helpful
According to HHH.. There is no risk... Please clerify... This is the worst mistake of my life.. And now i am stressed to the point where i can't even sleep properly.. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs/Protected-Oral-Sex-with-Stranger/show/1739183?li_source=LI&li_medium=default-widget-bot
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The following is HWHs response for unprotected oral sex..


Please clerify
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