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I have Molluscum Contagiosum?

About 5 months ago I came across some interesting bumps in my pubic hair region. I immediately freaked out as I had unprotected sex about a month and a half before. I worried myself sick tried to convince myself they were just ingrown hairs, and thought they would be since I am a hypochondriac and usually over exaggerate. We'll i ended up seeing a doctor for it and she told me that it was something called Molluscum contagiosum. She said it was viral and get it from skin to skin contact. She also popped a few of them and told me to scrape the white part out and said that's the only way to get rid of them. I felt relived until i went home and got on the internet and learned how long this horrible thing would last; and also how I can't have sex. I did the popping technique but it's still here 5 months later. It's making me so depressed and I've had so many opportunities to have sex and pursue things with guys but I just don't know what to do or how to get rid of it. I tried Apple cider vinegar and it seemed to work but it still spreads. What do i do, I want to be able to have sex and not worry
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Hi, its best to have a doc remove them as they can be spread and not only from sexual contact but from towels and such. Its very common and no big thing to be embarrased or concerned about.
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I had molluscum from last march to September of this year. It's going to last 3-6 months regardless. The cuterage will stop the spread, but it really depends on your immune system. Don't worry it goes away, and the area it was on goes completely back to normal. I had about 20 in all. If on genital area don't shave, wash with hands not lofer, use two separate towels, as molluscum spreads through inanimate objects and when touched. Sex will spread it to your partner if exposed, and autoinnoculate to yourself. I was having sex with boxers on. It won't spread through cotton or latex if covered, but will stay on those products, so don't reuse. You know it's going away when 1-2 come in every 3 weeks and it's prevalent on, only one area of your body not others. Doctors will cure you, if you go a month without one. Also humidity and dampness spread it like no other. Don't use any lotions etc down there. Cutting them as soon as you see one, only by a doc is the best way. I went every week for 3 months. Aldara also boosts your immune system to fight them within. They always go away 100 percent of the time. 2 of my cousins had it, My best friend and his fiancé. It's very common
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The problem is, youll notice them coming in after one bursts, the white curd is the part that is contagious.  That's why a doctor needs to cut them, then apply alcohol over it after. The littler they are, the stronger your immune system is, in fighting them. When they get really red, that means there about to go away. They then turn black and scab. The scab is also contagious, so once the scab falls off, that molluscum is no longer contagious. A lot worse things you can get, but I feel your pain, these drove me crazy for awhile. You can perform oral sex with no risk of spreading them, that's about it unfortunately.
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