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I have a strange sensation at the tip of my penis?

So two weeks ago exactly I had a drunken one night stand. It was unprotected and I didn't ejaculate. The next day (about 12 hours) after the incident I had a weird tingling/pinching sensation at the meatus or tip of my penis. I can't tell if it's internal or external. I just know the tip is having a strange sensation. I went to the doctors about a week after and had an STD test done for chlamydia and gonnorhea and the results came back negative. The symptoms persisted so I went back in and they tested me again two days after I got the results for the first test. I aired concerns about NGU and a possible UTI, they did another urinalysis and dip test and both came back negative with no signs of bacteria. They gave me a 1g dose of azithromycin and did a physical examination and told me that everything looks good. I took the full dose a little over four days ago. The sensation has gotten a bit better, but it comes and goes. I have no other symptoms of an std, no discharge, no inflammation or redness, and it doesn't hurt when I urinate. It's actually pretty relieving when I urinate.

I'm incredibly stressed out and I don't want to continue making trips to my doctor. The sex was pretty rough. I asked about the possibility of a urethral cut and they told me they would have detected blood in my urine.

Any ideas what this might possibly be?

(I posted this in men's health as well before I noticed there was an STD/STI Forum)
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I had the same problem and tested positive for chalmydia, but via blood work. The urine culture came back negative for chlamydia some how. I know what you're going through and I can tell you it really sucks. My anxiety made it 10 times as bad. If there was an infection it just takes time to heal. I went in for 3 months straight.. doc, urologist and therapy. I don't have an infection anymore but my urologist said it could've been the infections was cured but the inside of urethra is still healing. When you say urinating feels better I know exactly what you mea, its like its soothing (because its not dry inside). That's all I can say for that. Just give it time to heal.. I had test done at 4, 8 and 14 weeks. all tests were negative after the initial infection.
If I do have it, do you think that the azithromycin would have cleared it up or at least made it non contagious? It's been roughly 100 hours since I took the 1g dose.
Yes the Azith would clear it up. You are 98% cured but its always good to get checked 4 weeks after treatment.
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Hi since the irritation occured only a few days after it would appear more of an injury than any std. Symptoms of things like gono and chlamydia appear about a week later and if you never had any white puss discharge you can pretty much rule out you caught them.
Any news on your ongoing situation?
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