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I have syphilis and I don't know where I got it.

Four days ago, I was screened for blood donation. It turned out that I was positive for syphilis. The testing was done using chemiluminescence immunoassay (CIA), was done twice. I had a value of 1.94 for the first and 1.92 for the second (cutoff value was 1.0). I was very very confused with the result because I had no sexual contact outside my SO and my previous GF (who is regularly donating blood until now, never undergone treatment) who I had sexual relations with 5 years ago. My SO then volunteered to donate blood and she passed the screening tests, including the CIA.
I was mindfucked with the results! How the hell would I get syphilis without remarkable sexual history? Thinking this was a false negative, I took a non-treponemal test (VDRL) just to make sure I did not have it. I was pretty sure I did not have it. I got the test just hours ago and what the ****, results turned out that I was reactive (Value 2.20 with cutoff of 1.0). Now so many questions come to mind that bothers me so much. I don't deserve any of this. This has put a great strain in my relationship with my SO, which is one of the things that I value so much in my life. What could have caused this? I don't know what is happening to this world anymore. How could I get syphilis?

Personal Background:
I am a 28 year old male, medical intern, from the Philippines.
No previous blood transfusions. I donated blood 5 years ago and I passed the screening tests (RPR).
I had not had any type of sexual relations aside from the two ladies mentioned above.
I never did anal sex. Never licked wounds. Never licked anuses. Never performed fellatio. Never had signs and symptoms of Primary and Secondary Syphilis.
Never had penile lesions.
Not on any maintenance medications

Pertinent history during my internship year:
-a very superficial dermal abrasion from a broken capillary tube. blood belonged to (as far as I can remember) a perfectly healthy boy.
-torn gloves a couple of times during surgery from suture needle, but never had an open wound.

Please help. In my 28 years of existence, today is the most confusing day of my life. It seems like all logic in this world is lost.
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Would love to help but this is far outside my knowledge. Let me see if I can get someone else to take a look at this. Might be a day or two, but also follow up with your Dr for treatment at this point.
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Ok so the advise I got was to have a TPPA or TPHA test.
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