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I need help please

Ok, this is a bit of a weird question but, well here it goes. My sister's friend was here, her and my sister went swimming and came back. She called for me and asked me to use her swimsuit bikini to use it to masterbate with, it was a weird question so I said I'll think about it, me being a teenager didn't refuse later on of course... Yea I know, this is a completely messed up scenario but I'm a teen and I had urges. It was 5-6 hours after they had went and came back. Any whom I masturbated in near the vagina area but more towards the buttocks area of the bikini. I ejaculated into my toilet and I feel that I may be at risk for an STD or STI. Any help on this issue it's been about 4 days, no noticeable symptoms so far. I am not sure whether she has an STD or not but I really need your help because she for a fact is sexually active, however I am not and I am a bit panicked over the matter. Please let me know if there is any other info I can provide I understand if no one wants to help because I feel guilty for the act and honestly I was completely confused on why the offer was made it was so random. I am pretty sure she is clean and I know she didn't do it to give me and STD or STI I don't know I am so confused I am a teen and ignorant please help me :(
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How old is she? How old are you?
So she just wanted you to use them to masterbate? She didn't want to watch or anything?

STD's have that name for a reason, you had no risk.
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