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I tested for many STD's after last encounter, should I be worried more?

I encountered an unprotected anal sex with a man (same gender), where I was active (I totally regret what have I done). I don't know the history of the other person, so not sure If he was infectect or not. After 4 - 5 months I get feeling of constant itching on my body and body and joints pain. I went to doctor and didn't tell about my encounter, he performed certain tests i.e BP, rbc count, wbc count etc, all tests were fine.
I also searched for several STD and got tested, thoes include:
- Chlamydia  (screening)
- Gonorrhea (screening)

those test came negative.

One month later I still have the feeling of itching with body pain. The itching doesn't cause any rash. I look perfectly fine. Also I sometimes feel mild testicualr pain. I don't know if I am thinking a lot.
Also in the past few days I got teeth pain and dentist suggested me to have scaling, so I did.

I eat a lot of fast food though, and travel on bike a lot, and a computer person. These factor can contribute to my bad health but I still want to know if I am vulnerable to std or not?

as you can understant from my text that i can not let my family doctor know about the circumstances.
Should I care about STD any more?
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Hi since your tests for HIV came back negative, and you took it at the correct window period (28 days with the duo test) the you should not worry.
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shoulnt I be worried about other STD's ?
if no part of your genital area made rubbing contact with his then no.
obviously, anal sex
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Sounds more like focused anexity. Nothing you describe sounds std related.
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