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I think I might have balanitis or a yeast infection? Please help

Okay so about 4 months ago I started having genital problems. I contracted molluscum contagiosum around my belt line and that spread throughout my entire pubic area after shaving and picking at the spots. 99% of the issue has cleared up after 5 rounds of seeing my university general medicine physicians and a private practice dermatologist (last visit about 1 and a half months ago). I did not practice good hygiene during this period of time in fear of spreading the molluscum and only recently started scrubbing the area with soap again. I also have had a bad habit of not drying the underside of my penis and scrotum after showering. Since about 1-2 months ago I’ve noticed a pretty persistent hot feeling on and under my glans. I would relate it most closely to a mild friction burn and I’ve noticed the area around the urethral opening has consistently been a light tint of red. This area can be especially sensitive to touch. Additionally, within the last week and a half the same hot-feeling has persisted on what seems to be the center and right part of my upper scrotum, leading up to the shaft of my penis. I think it looks a tint red and swear I could see a white coating running down the center of the area but in no way is this a thick layer of cheesy material. I have never had any herpes-like outbreaks and have tested negative for syphilis, Gonorrhea, HIV and HPV. I don’t feel comfortable seeing a doctor because of the coronavirus and am seeking input on whether this resembles balanitis or a yeast infection. I am circumcised by the way. Thanks
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If you are circumcised, it's probably not balanitis, but it could be yeast or another fungal infection.

You really should see a doctor, though. Depending on the fungal infection, the treatment will differ, and you need a doctor to sort that out, especially since you've had it for so long.

When you go to the doctor, wear a mask, and ask your doctor to wear a mask. It's important that you get this checked out and get the proper treatment.
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