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I think im In big Trouble DR !!! HIV ???...I Really need advice !!!

My question is in late April of 2010 I hand swollen glands and lymphnodes The doctor sent me for HIV tests all kinds of tests I ended up coming back positive for Mono !!! I hadnt slept with a girl since mid-march at that time and I came back negative for HIV,,, On june 11th 2010 I slept with a girl once unprotected and she phoned me 3 weeks later and said she was inconclusive for positive HIV !!! A week later she phoned me and told me her tests came back positive !!! I went and got tested 6 weeks after being with her and I told my Dr everything he called me back 5 days later I went in and my tests were negative !!! Im still very scared !!! Do you have any good news or advice for me ???

This discussion is related to hiv-testing after 6 weeks ???.
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you need further testing. You need to get tested at 3 months from the last encounter for it to be conclusive. But since you were tested after 6 weeks and it came back negative, you have a very good indication of your status. I know you are scared right now but take a deep breathe. I do not think there is a documented case of someone changing after their 6 week test. I know you are going through a lot of anxiety right now so if you do need someone to talk to shoot me an email.
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