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IGG positive means what


Dear. Doctors

I'm Sex with my partner once unprotected and since that time i am getting hiv symptoms like fever, groin swelling, muscle pain and joints too and headache  and red rash on my chest one circle thing and i got a weird pimple on my stomach and fatigue and pain on my throat ; and about my partner i am not sure if she is hiv negative but she keep on saying that so due to that i made a x ray and cbc and viral marker or screening for Hbs something and VDRL and HIV rapid test and all came out negative after 6-8 weeks from having sex so is it accurate enough or i need to get tested again, and i read alot about false negative and that is stressing me , i might go mental please i need your help since all the symptoms i have mentioned i 'm having them till now  
and thank you

I just got my another test report which i have done of Chlamidia Anitibodies  >> and the results  was Igg 10.0 and Igm 2.8 i just got a call from the lab >>>> they told Igm is negative and igg is positive so what does those mean that i have hiv or what !! i am so scared please answer me dr. teak or vance if it takes i will go now and make a blood test i am dying :(
help plz

what does it mean do i have hiv :((plz help
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Why did the doctors give you antibiotics exactly?
If you had no bacterial infections, then antibiotics seem... premature.
I can understand using them preemptively for say Syphilis and some other STD's, but for this... ?

At any rate, the best I can recommend is that you do tests for Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis, UreaPlasma and MycoPlasma - and if those tests show that nothing is wrong, then you will have to work with your doctors to ascertain potential causes (and I would also not accept any further medication just in case until the real cause is ascertained).

Since you already did the Syphilis tests which were negative, then I don't think you have to worry about that (if the tests were done about 6 weeks after sex).

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Testing for HIV would be conclusive at 3 months.
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but what does it mean igg positive :(
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Was the chlamydia a blood test? Is so its not reliable as only shows that you have antibodies and could be from a past infection. Only a urine or a swab would be the correct test for current infection.
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Ya the chlamydia test was a blood test, ... OMG now i am so worried
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one thing i understand that chlamydia is used for detection of antibodies or something but could it be HIV that's my question !
i was negative after 75 days excatly
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