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If a guy has Chlamydia can you catch it?

The guy who had unprotected sex with me had Chlamydia and i didn't know at the time but whenever i went to get checked at the doctor for STD’S/Aids it went to negative so apparently i don't have Chlamydia so even if he had Chlamydia for some reason i didn't catch it but i got diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis instead
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Well, it's good that you got checked, because Chlamydia can be spread between sexual partners. I assume you were checked after the right amount of time had passed for it to show up? Too bad about the BV, if you have the same partner now he should probably be taking the same treatment (for BV) as you at the same time, so as not to pass it back to you once your medicine takes it away.
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Is the guy with chlamydia a regular partner of yours? If he is. you should be treated anyway. Also, as AnnieBrooke said, timing of the test matters. You need to wait until 3-5 days after exposure to test for chlamydia.

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