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I'm afraid that sex, I hope you help me

Hello, doctor. Around 19 March 2016 23:00 I find a sex worker behavior occurs as follows: a bath standing together, failing to wear a condom to help me masturbate, then help me anilingus. Before occur beforehand, the sex workers told me she had bleeding gums to eat, and then I asked her to help me lick you have not put on a condom anal, her answer is wearing, then asked me, did not wear a condom How to do it? After what happened, I went back home, take toilet paper to wipe his anus, did not see the blood, I did not like the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Will the doctor, in the case of such behavior, I or the possibility of other sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infections are not so big? I am very scared, please help me. I come from China, my English is not very good, I am sorry. You might think it looks difficult, but you are kindly requested to carefully read, thank you very much.
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Hi, your affair was zero risk for any disease including HIV.
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The after sex, I got home. Paper wipe my anus, I did not see blood. I do not have hemorrhoids.
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I believe your answer, but can you tell me, where professional doctors or professors online to answer such questions, thank you very much!
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