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Im concerned

I had a Std's test done in the end of June of 08 and came back negative.  After that I was with a patner who told me he was clean (Sept 08). I have my boyfriend and we have been together since Nov. 1, 08.  I started to have symptoms of itching and burning when i pee  since the beggining of January 09.  I tested possitive for Chlamydia.  My question is:  If is possible to had a false negative?  Or how long I have been with this?  My previous patner before my test on june, told me he had his std test done in July 08 and came back negative too.  Can be he the one who infected me??? even his test was negative? Do u think i have been with Chlamydia before the first test wich came back negative? Sorry but Im just worry abou it.

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I think you need to get copies of all your tests and make sure that you and your current bf were both tested for chlamydia.  If you were, and they were both negative, then this is a new infection for you all, and someone had to get it after the time of their last test.


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