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Im just not quite sure what is this, please somebody help me!

Ok, so in the 1st of september the condom broke while i was having sex with an unknown woman, i got tested for all possible std'd and all came negative, hiv test at 4 weeks came negative and 6 weeks came negative too, but in the 1st of august i had sex again, protected sex, two days later i was feeling a burning sensation while urinating, I wnet to the doctor and I got an urine exam, a week later it came negative, everything was fine, anyway they game dication for chlamydia, the pain wnet away, it was medication for 10 days, after that the pain cam again and i went to the doctor and he said that if it was an std, it supposed to go away with the medication, he gave medication again and maybe in one week I can be better but... can it be an std? or something related to hiv? im waiting for 3 months to get hiv results... and for the final... I use a lot the bycicle...can that be the problem? Symptoms are: my penis hurts inside, like burning sensation...sometimes i dont feel it and most of the time it feels warm... I hope you can help me... thank you!!!
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It can be an STD, it can not be, we dont' know for sure.  The only way to know is to test for them in accordance with window periods meet.  You symptoms aren't indicative to HIV infection.    Cycling does cause prostate problems but you don't report trauma near your prostate.  

Advice: Wait one month after your last medication and re-test for gonorrhea, chlamydia and ngu.
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Thank you but I forgot to mention that I've been with the pain fro almost 3 weeks and the only thing is that it hurts when I pee, no swelling testicles, no pain in the lower abdomen, no blankish or greenish drip from the tip..., no rashes... is just feels like a sore in my urethra.
thank you!!
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