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Im so stupid

Hey  I am a guy that just received unprotected oral from another guy through a glory hole. I regretted it at once. He said he was std free but has sucked off two dudes before me .i am now really paranoid because of the research I did. The whole intercourse was no longer than 5 minutes. I got home and washed my groinal area out of fear. what are the chances of me getting an std like herpes and siphillus? I did ejaculate in his mouth. I'm so dumb. Worst idea ever
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HI, if he did not have any lip sores at the time you can rule out syphilis and close to zero risk for herpes. The most common std from this is a simple UTI as bacteria common in the mouth are not common inside the urethra. Test if you have any urethra itching, pain while urinating or a white discharge that appear about 5 days after exposure. OR if you have a long term partner.
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