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Immune system

Hi.  I have a friend who has a weakend immune system due to medications from a transplant.  She is now worried she contracted an STD from her boyfriend who cheated on her.  She is not showing any symptoms although she still plans on getting tested.  We were curious, however, if she is more likely than a person with a regular immune system to show symptoms or not?
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Can't say, but I can say that over 1/2 of women don't show symptoms of gonorrhea and even less for chlamydia.
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unless she's a  recent transplant, she's on the lowest amounts of immune suppressants possible.  She isn't much different from the rest of us as far as odds she'd show signs of something.

her bf needs a full std screening done and he should show his results to her so she can see if she needs testing done.    It can take up to 3 months until he's had all his testing done though.

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