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Infected follicles, ingrown or STD?

So I am switching jobs and I have medical check up scheduled, I haven't had any recently, so the paranoia of googling every symptom started with me, 2 days after searching I have less than 1 inch very small red dot not a bump on the side of my penis bottom doesn't heart at all, I have ingrown hair problem with my beard and also acne, always wearing tight boxer shorts, not that much sexually active, never paid for sex or involved in a high risk sex activity, after googling for hours if not days, I am confused as to if this is just an infected follicles an ingrown hair like what I get on my beard or an std syphilis or something, I read that STDs are like region based probability I am in Europe and never noticed anything on my partners like a similar red dot rash or anything, so I just need to clear up my mind a little bit before my medical check up so I thought of posting here.
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Hi what your describing is not a symptom of any std.
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Thaaaanks a lot that helps with my thoughts a lot, its actually almost healed now took about 5 days or so, at its worst it was that red dot with like a hole in the middle as if i itched it while i am asleep or masturbating but again it wasnt painful so not herpes only thing google scared me about is syphilis..
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