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Irritated meatus sporadic pain in abdomen, testes, lower back

34yo male 6' 157lbs, out of shape but otherwise pretty healthy.

Here's a timeline.

September-ish last year I had a perineal/perianal (unsure due to location) abscess. Never burst but got large and very painful. At one point before it resolved (never totally) there was considerable pain in the left rear pelvic area.This may or may not be related to my current symptoms.

January 18th Had unprotected sex with wife

January 19th On a business trip, had unprotected vaginal and oral with a 21yo who bled during the vaginal penetration, she wasn't a virgin.
   Next morning I had a thin red line below my lower lip.

January 21st Had unprotected sex with my wife. (I'm an ***, I know, one time thing and trust me, i've learned my lesson)

January 22nd had an itch in my urethra, no discharge, no other symptoms.

January 30th  Had a Chlamydia test performed by Quest labs. BD Probetec DNA, SDA  Results Negative

Sometime in February I had constipation, I attributed this to having travelled pretty much the entire month of January.  I'm a corporate pilot and spend alot of time sitting. Also had a "cold" for a few days, while I had the cold and the constipation the abscess swelled a little bit, just enough for me to know its there. Also had a 3 day bout with diarrhea. Mother in law, sister in law and my wife had it too.

Had more unprotected sex with wife during February and March, One morning in March I woke after sex with the wife with itchy urethra and a tiny bit of thick white discharge (thought it could be semen as I didn't urinate after sex.)

Wife had a strange issue with vulvar itching and bleeding between her periods.  She had re-started a new birth control pill in I believe early January. We attributed this to the new pill.  She stopped taking the pill and these issues resolved.

March 18th Abscess came back with a vengeance.  Red swollen painful

March 19th Had Gonorrhea test performed by Quest labs BD Probetec DNA, SDA  Results Negative

March 21st gave blood and urine for annual physical

March 22nd Abscess ruptured spontaneously, Had a mild fever which I attributed to the abscess. Went to Dr. He looked and didnt feel the need to lance it. Prescribed me Bactrim DS (sulfa)

March 25 - 28th On a 3 day trip, same mild fever, developed pain with eye movement, headache, abscess area was still mildly painful.  

March 28th returning from the trip my fever spiked at 101.6 and I had rigors.  That night I awoke at 1am "freezing" with rigors.  

March 30th I still had the mild fever. Got out of the shower and noticed a rash developing on my upper arms and legs.  I went back to the Dr.  He looked and didnt feel that it was a reactive rash to the Sulfa (my father and grandmother are allergic). Also looked at the abscess and felt that it was okay. For weeks I had irritation at my meatus (after the indiscretion) He looked at that and said it didnt concern him. I stopped the Bactrim and he prescribed clindamycin and Methylprednisone.  Later that evening I had to fly again. Wasn't feeling the best but oh well.  At my destination I got out of the plane and felt slightly confused.  Granted my anxiety has been waaaay up during this period.  My tongue was white. Still had the rash and pain with eye movement. I suspected I had thrush.

March 31st  Day after stopping the Bactrim I felt MUCH MUCH Better.

Thanks to the wonderful world of the interwebs after the fever, rash, etc. I got HORRIFIED that I was experiencing ARS and HIV serconversion.

April 3rd I have blood drawn for a Herpes and HIV test.  
     Herpeselect results <.90 for both HSV I and II.  Negative results at 73 days post possible exposre  PHEW
     (Dr. HHH has told another here that those reults at 10 weeks can be 100% relied on)
     HIV AB 1 and 3 EIA  both NON REACTIVE  Negative reults  PHEW  (vance and others have said that
     although  3 months is the norm for conclusive results, 10 weeks can be relied upon heavily) I plan on going
     back next week for another test just to be sure.

The abscess came to a head again a couple days ago, no where near the way it did in March. It ruptured on its own. I've been taking the Clindamycin 3x a day for the last 3 days (Doc prescribed it to have it around in case the thing came back, well it did)

This entire time I've had  sporadic sensations in my urethra, about 1/4 inch in from the tip along with the irritated meatus.  Also at times I have an odd "pain" that I feel on the inside of my left thigh. Lower back pain.  Odd pain sensations in my perineal area.  Odd "muscle" twinges in my abdomen.

To a point I believe I have a mild case of prostatitis due to my job. Again as a Pilot I spend alot of time sitting. I also think my anxiety over all this has made me very genitocentric. I love my wife dearly and deeply regret my indiscretion. If I were to have passed anything on to her, or our daughter I would be completely devastated.

Do any of you volunteers (thank you SOOO much btw for your time and efforts here, you don't know how much of a help you are to us basket cases) think that I have anything to be concerned with in regard to "infecting" my family?

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Forgot to add that my urinalysis and bloodwork for my physical came back with in range, but at the top end WBC.

Urine had no bacteria found.

Also during the Gono scare in March I bought and AZO test kit for UTI.  I the first time I was STRONGLY positive for Leukocyte Erastase but negative for Nitrites. Thats what made me believe I had gono.
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At this point I think it would be better to talk with your Dr about all of your symptoms and what went on.

Overall nothing really gives me an indication of a STD.
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Thanks bro.  My anxiety overall has for the most part completely stopped.  Now I'm just confused and irritated. LOL    I've told the missus that if this abscess heads up again I'm going back.  Thats also a tertiary symptom of Crohn's as well.  
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Hey Vance,

I know I'm stretching here but what about the possibility of Trich???  

I DID use someone else's (oil-field worker) warm-ish damp towel back in January. Williston North Dakota is an oil boom town now FULL of hookers.  
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Possible from sex or from the damp towel.
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DAMN!!!   lol
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