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Irritation, worried

I have noticed some VERY mild irritation inside my penis lately, an almost unnoticed discomfort toward the head.  Also, my testicles have had mild discomfort around the connecting tubes.  No discharge, no burning while urinating.  Recent history includes:  I was masturbating about 3-5 times a day for a few weeks, and received oral from a prostitute without a condom, she had no noticable sores around her mouth and I came in her mouth.  I was wondering what the different possibilities are for my symptoms?  They are very mild at this time, it has been 12 days.  Could it be irritation from excessive masturbation, or from the oral, or does it sound like an STD?
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Does not sound like a STD with mild symptoms and no discharge, probably irritation. Give it a couple of more days, hold off on masterbation and if no improvement or symptoms get worse see a Dr.
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