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Is Hepatitis C STD?

Hi! I have got one question: Is Hepatitis C a STD?

I was looking for information about this, but I found only generalization ("always use condom") or messages like "scientists aren't sure how Hepatitis C is spreading",

Can i get Hepatitis C by protected vaginal (i'm hetero man) protected anal or unprotected oral (blowjob)? Can i get Hepatitis C by unprotected vaginal/anal/oral or by giving oral? Is blood, vaginal secretions, saliva are substances of infectious?

Looking forward for your reply! Thanks ;)
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yes contact with blood but its not that common. How many people do you know infected with Hep C? None? I dont. Infections and risks are in the forefront of the news and you just dont see alot of urgent information poping up about hep c in every day life.
Bottom line is having sexual affairs outside a long term mono relationship is a risk for all kind of infections and i suspect you have anxiety about this.
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Hi, hep c is not efficently spread sexually but is possible.
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Thanks for fast response!

Can I get Hepatitis C by protected vaginal/anal sex or unprotected oral?
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Sorry for extra post but i cant edit.

I must come into contact with blood to be infected, right? Saliva and vaginal discharge can not infect?
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Yey, so protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex are about 0 risk, beacause there is no blood =)

Only anal sex may be risky.
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Hepatitis C is not classified as a STD.  
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