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Is it an STD - Chlamydia or Gonnorreah? or just BV?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. We've had unprotected sex only two times and I have been tested for everything in the past and all tests have come back negative. The last time we got together, which was between July 12-18, we didn't exactly have sex. We only made sexual contact twice during this time. The first time we just rubbed our genitals together, but he did not penetrate me. The second time we rubbed our genitals together, he penetrated me, but pulled out right away.

A couple weeks later...probably the first week in August, I get my period. After my period, I notice that my discharge was yellow, smelled different and I seemed to be a bit irritated down there. Normally, my discharge smells sort of like Apple Cider Vinegar before and after my period. This time it smelled a little fishy but only after mixing with my sweat. The initial smell wasn't the worst thing I've ever smelled, but it was just odd. Sometimes it would just stink, and then other times it smelled specifically like sour milk or a bit fishy. Besides the discharge, color and slight irritation, I don't have any other new symptoms.

I've dealt with chronic BV for a while, but I was able to get rid of it for a few months ago after taking probiotics. I admit I kind of started slacking on taking my probiotics toward the end of July and then I started using a feminine wash that I normally don't use.

Does this sound like it could just be my BV that's coming back or could it be an actual STD like Chlamydia or Gonnorreah or something?
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When I had Bv I had a fishy smell like how you’re describing my dishacrge was more grayish but I think bv discharge can be yellow also. By the sound of it, it sound like it could just be your bv coming back! But you should still go test just to make sure :)
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Thanks for the feedback!!
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Also if your boy friend had gono or chlamydia he would have a white puss penis discharge and burning while urinating and would have sort treatment as is quite painful and im sure he would have told you to get tested as would not want to get it back again.
also if you had one of these stds, most often it would have traveled to your urethra and you would have the same symptoms of puss coming from your urethra as he did.
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