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Is it chlamydia or Other STD

Dear all

Last June 20 2018, I've experience bleeding and pain while urinating and pus discharge on my Penis I thought its UTI but been tested and its negative. due to that I'm working in the middle east I cannot go to test for STD due to the fear of deportation if the result is positive. I just experience the pus discharge for 1 day and did not happen again. but on the following weeks to a month I experience milkish discharge and pain while urinating. currently I feel perfectly okay now but sometime I have pain in my testicles and when I inspect my testicles I found some lump on the body. and I have also swollen tonsil witch starts around February I did not feel any pain in the tonsil its just difficult to speak and breath sometimes. is it chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV or other can you please give me an advice.

Thank you so much  
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1) Your symptoms are not hiv
2) Very likely to be chlamydia or gonorrhea, but u cannot tell unless u get a test
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Thank you for your comment! is it possible to experience the symptoms for a week and then it will be gone?
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Yes it is possible.
Please go see a doctor
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