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Is it herpes something else???

So a couple of days ago I had rough sex with my bf (unprotected I know stupid or me) I was pretty dry after a while so it started to hurt so we stop. I felt extremely swollen next day and the day after that I started to itch and felt a burning sensation from my vaginal to my but. I assume he made have stretch me out and so it was just a cut and I kept touching it so that most likely irritated it more. Anyways another day passed and it hurt to walk and sit, it just felt like a bad rash. I end up going to the doctor and she said she sees one ulcer. She said it's a possibility that it could be herpes but she is unsure. I told her since I have scleroderma and I take medicine that lowers my immune system and I get ulcers from my condition. She still seem unsure so I took the test and I am just completely terrified right now. Do anybody have a better insight about this??
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