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Is it herpes?

I had protected sex with a commercial sex worker 2 weeks ago, I licked her boobs and it smelled like saliva, she told me that someone was there earlier. A couple of days ago, I felt a swollen kind of pain on my right gum where the last teeth is, when I looked at it in a mirror, I could see that there was a bump, the pain is no longer there and the bump has reduced a bit in size since. Just 3 days ago, I felt the roof of my mouth started to feel sore and slowly the sore has traveled down to my throat and I'm having a bit of a sore throat now, when i looked in the mirror, I noticed some very very tiny white spots on the roof of my mouth(not sure if it was there before) and very very tiny bumps on the roof of my mouth and all round the mouth(not sure if that is normal too), when i use my tongue to touch the roof, I can feel the tiny bumps, it remains the same size, tiny. Is this herpes?

Also, I'm using the same basin as my parents when I wash my plate and utensils, they would leave theirs in the basin and I'm afraid that if I wash mine and the water and falls into their plates, would they get infected? My mom just told me yesterday that her lips felt swollen and I could see that it was swollen and my dad has a red mark on his lower right lip, he don't seem to notice it.
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Hi none of what you mention suggests herpes and getting oral herpes from licking her boobs is zero risk. And it cant be passed sharing the water basin anyway.
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