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Is it possible that I may have an STD?

A couple of days ago, my ex texted me and said that he knows he has an STD, he just doesn't know if it's chlamydia or the clap. Keep in mind, its been about three months, more or less, since we last did anything. That and I went maybe almost a month ago and was HIV negative, but that's all I was tested for.

About a week before he told me, I noticed I had trouble swallowing and my throat was extremely red and swollen. On top of that, I had a runny nose and an awful cough, so started taking antibiotics and just brushed it off as allergies (because I had tested negative for strep throat and the flu). Now, my throat is still kind of sore, and I'm not sure if it's just because I'm freaking myself out or if somethings actually wrong. I still have trouble swallowing, my tongue is kind of red and swollen, and I've noticed that there are red bumps on it as well. Kind of like my tastebuds are irritated? I dunno.

I'm waiting until my ex gets his results back to go and get tested myself, which should be within the next couple of days. Am I just freaking myself out? Because I tend to do that. A lot. I know I should go see a doctor, and I am going to, I'm just trying to ease my mind a little bit.
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