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Is peeling skin a symptom of hiv?

I would like to ask you guys if peeling skin is a symptom of hiv. I had 1 time unprotected vaginal sex with my ex girlfriend about 7 months ago. After about ten weeks after that incident I noticed that my skin started to peel off. It started just below my neck and worked its way down gradually on my chest, arms and legs. I did not have any peeling on my face, hands (palms) and feet. even though the peeling was spread throughout my body it was a  mild peeling meaning it was not painful and did not result in any wound or injury. it was only the upper layer or epidermis. The peeling lasted for more than a week. I saw 2 dermatologist during this period and they both said that it was maybe due to an allergic reaction to something I have eaten. They both ruled out a viral infection because they said that I had no peeling on my hands and feet and that I had no fever.

Before the peeling occurred I remember eating large amounts of ripe mangoes for about 5 days straight. the doctors said this might be causing the peeling. Although this happened a long time ago I'm still worried about the cause.

Could this be a symptom of hiv? Please do answer my question.

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Peeling skin is not an symptom of Hiv.

Why do you think you ex gf would have HIV?
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Well at first I did not think that but when she discussed that she also had sex with her previous lover that scared me coz what if the other guy was careless.
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