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Is syphilis test conclusive?

I had a low risk exposure with a male..After 3 years I had a doubt about STD's and wanted to check out for syphilis and did VDRL-negative and again after a month wasn't convinced with that and did a TPHA- negative and again after 5 months did another TPHA- negative and Syphilis EIA Antibody test- negative (I live in India so I'm not sure what EIA is used as there are lots of commercially available EIAs)...Then after 15 days I asked my partner too to have that test taken to ensure I didn't get it from him and he was my only partner...he did a TPHA - negative ...For your information I'm unaware I had any chancre in my mouth at the time of exposure
Now my questions are,
1. Am I 100% free of syphilis? If not then what percentage would you give in a scale of 100?
2. I have heard in later stages sensitivity of treponema test ranges only 97% based on various studies.. is it true?
3. If in case my results were false negative, would the reason be because of inability of the test or did I have very low level of antibodies to be detected in tests?
4. If my antibodies were low then wouldn't I be in late stage suffering from something serious?
thanks in advance
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Let's make this easy shall we ? Syphillis testing is conclusive after six weeks . Years and many tests later all negative . I wouldn't worry one more second about this.
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Thanks, your answer eases bit but why does the sensitivity reduces for treponemal test years later from 100 to 97%
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The answer still the same. This particular test simply will confirm you were exposed to  t pallidum. Not that you have it. Similar to HSV tests that show exposure but not infection. You tested negative several times. It is time to let this fear go.

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