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Is this Balanitis , or something else ?

Hi , I been having episodes of  my foresking getting irritated from the last + 2 years. Seen Dermatologist, urologist and family doctor  .  My std test results been  negative  for HIV , genital herpes ,  Candida ,Chlamydia, Syphilis  & Gonorrhea.   Urologist  and dermatologist said they can’t see anything abnormal but the mild Balanitis .  Dermatologist told me is not fungus because of the duration and  no physical evidence .  Still they tried Herpes Medication  “ to be safe “ (for over a year ) metronadizol , fluconazol and other medications .   My only partner for the last 5 years doesn’t have any similar symptoms.  He is been under cancer treatment for the last 5 years (Idk  if is relevant ) . I been using clotimazol , hydrocortisone etc .  With not  result . The Only thing different that I remember when everything start  is that I gain a lot of wait  due a knee lesion that  limited my sport life & allergies that I had to take steroids . Last doctor told me  that maybe is the friction and over weight . I notes that I move my skin back and sometimes is wet . No breakouts , no chafing, no discharge... only sometimes I notes small really light red dot .  I just worry that doesn’t go away . Almost 3 years .  Sometime  Sweat under my foreskin .  Is affecting my sex life . Because get more irritated or the feeling to be irritated. Nothing visual .   I maybe seen 7 different specialist.  My blood counts are normal .  I’m Uncircumcised . Any orientation will be really appreciated.
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I'd have to go with balanitis, too, if everything else is negative.

Think of everything. You mention allergies - perhaps you are having a sensitivity to a soap or detergent you are using. Even if you haven't changed any products, allergies can develop at any time. Perhaps one of your products changed it's formula - think "new and improved".

You mention sex makes it worse - are you using condoms with a lubricant or spermicide? Have you changed lube, if you use it? Here are some natural ones that may help, though some are designed for women -


https://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/a19536336/pick-the-perfect-lube/ - this is VERY hetero, but has some good info on why both men and women can react to different kinds of lube.

http://bestlubezone.net/best-lube-for-sensitive-skin/ - not so hetero, some decent recs

There are a ton of other sites out there if you're interested. I started searching "lube for sensitive skin", then added "lube for sensitive skin men", then added "gay men", etc. (I don't know if you're gay, bi, pan, whatever and that's not at all my business - I was just trying to get some results that weren't all designed for women.) It's quite the rabbit hole once you get started lol.

When you notice the wetness, gently dry the area. Keep it clean. If it's possible your weight is causing an issue, start working on that. I know with medical issues it isn't easy, but start slowly.

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