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Is this Genital Warts

Hi Doctor,
Please help me to identify skin tags on my penis,
I have these skin tags since 2002, 17 years ago, they do not change and do not multiply.
I am 38 years old, I am married for 5 years. and my wife has nothing.

Are they HPV warts or benign skin tags or Dermatofibroma?

here are two close ups of the skin


Thank you!
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They aren't genital warts if you've had them since 2002. HPV would have cleared your system by now.

They could be skin tags, dematofibroma, or really, a host of other things that are totally normal, but to find out for sure, your doctor would have to take a look and perhaps biopsy them. There are lots of things that cause bumps on the penis, and many look alike, so testing is the only way to know for sure.

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Thank you a lot,
did you see my two pictures? thank you Doctor.
I did look at your pics, and I'm not a doctor. No one is on this site. We can only offer guidance and information, no diagnoses. Even a doctor wouldn't be able to tell what that is from a pic and would need to biopsy them to know for sure.
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I have a flat tag on the side of my penis for 6+ years. Looks exactly like a wart would look. About 2mm wide. It has never changed, never got bigger, and no other spots have popped up. Wife never got any warts either. I have read other forums where people have had wart-like flat tags. So, don't worry. It's almost certainly not an STD.
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