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Is this a yeast infection?


5 days ago I gave and received unprotected oral sex with a person whom I consider at ver high risk of carrying STDs, although recently tested all negative (last test 45 days ago).

The following evening I developed the following symptoms, which have persisted for 5 days and are now in their 6th even though they do seem to be getting milder:

- red spots on tip of tongue, like inflamed taste buds
- burning sensation on the same area
- white tongue (not coated, more similar to symptom of a stomach flu)
- slight nausea (now gone)
- occasional abdominal pains
- night sweating

I was afraid this might be early symptoms of a herpes infection but now I am wondering if I shouldn't be considering the candida albicans option. I have been very worried about this so any advice on a sensible course of action would help.

Thanks for your time!
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The white tongue could be a yeast infection, but that is not a STD.
Getting a STD from oral sex is low risk. See a Dr to discuss symptoms.
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Thanks for your prompt reply! I will be seeing a tongue expert this Saturday.
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